Shipping and Delivery

Where does Popsy ships from?

Popsy ships worldwide. We have several sellers located in Asia, North America, Europe and The Middle East. Typically, we will ship your packages from the nearest seller that has your items in stock. If you are ordering from outside the country, we will cover all customs fees, so you don't have to worry about that. 

What happens if I don't accept my delivery?

In the event that you decide to decline the shipment, it is important to note that shipping fees will be incurred.

Why are you asking for my ID?

Depending on the country and region, some customs offices require the recipient to show identification before releasing a package. A national ID number, a photograph of ID, or another document may be required by the carrier or Popsy.

  • Please note that the name on the ID shared must match the details on your order.
  • The ID must show the face of the owner clearly
  • The buyer must be of legal age

The following countries, regions, and jurisdictions may require an ID number: Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay.

Customs and Import Duties (International)

All fees are handled and paid by Popsy. Your order total will be 100% guaranteed and there will be no additional charges due upon delivery.

A representative from one of our courier services companies may contact you to obtain a copy of your ID in order to complete the customs procedure. However, they will not ask you for any payments. 

Please contact us at if you are asked to pay anything.

Can I change or modify my order?

For unshipped orders, contact our support team ASAP. Shipped orders can't be modified.

Can I cancel my order?

When a cancellation request is made, the order status will be reviewed. If the order has already been dispatched, the customer must pay the shipping fees in order to cancel it; however, if the item has not yet been shipped, the cancellation can be made immediately and without incurring any further costs.

When will my order arrive?

You can see the estimated delivery date on the product page, including shipping options.

All orders are processed within 5-7 business days (Monday-Friday), and we'll send you an Email & SMS (if provided) with your shipment details and tracking number so you can follow your parcel and know exactly when to expect it.


Global Tracking





Middle East Tracking




What are Popsy’s Shipping Options?

Popsy users and guests can select their preferred shipping option during checkout, and we'll provide you an estimated delivery date for each item in your bag based on your shipping choices, the delivery address, and the location of the item(s). The following shipping options are available to you:


Free Shipping

5 - 7 days delivery


Premium Shipping

3 - 5 days delivery. Cost varies depending on delivery location

Please note, premium shipping may not be available for your location, we will give you options during checkout.

I haven't received the order confirmation email yet. Can you re-send it?

Re-sending the order confirmation email is not an active function at the moment.

If you haven't received your confirmed order email yet, make sure that:

- You registered the correct email

- Make sure you check your inbox for the email registered against your order.

- Check your Junk or Spam folders.

If you still can’t find it, contact our customer service crew at

Will I receive a confirmation phone call before delivery happens?

In some instances the carrier may contact you to collect more information to complete the delivery.

Why hasn't my order been shipped yet?

We'll notify you once your order has been shipped by the seller.

In some instances we might need some extra days to ship your order, dependending on our seller's stock levels. While we try to avoid it as much as possible, this can sometimes lead to delays in sending your order.

If you're concerned that it won't arrive on time because it hasn't yet been shipped, double-check your address information, the size of the item you're ordering, and your payment information to ensure your order is processed as soon as possible. If necessary, we will upgrade your shipping to ensure that it arrives on time.

My order is late, what can I do?

We apologize for the incovenience. You can contact us at with your order details and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Need to track an order?

Track order

You will need your order ID number. It can be found on your order confirmation email.