Tabby is a flexible payment method that gives you the security and freedom to buy everything you need now and pay later or in installments without any interest or added fees.

  • 4 interest-free payments 🆓

    Shop now and pay later by choosing Tabby at checkout to split your purchases into 4 interest - free payments.

  • No interest or fees 🚫

    Built on trust. Not interest. You'll never pay extra when you pay on time.

  • Pick a card, any card 💳

    Link any debit or credit card and get instant approval.

How does Tabby work?

You can register directly with Tabby, or simply choose Tabby at checkout. A new account will be created for you automatically after successful completion of the purchase.

Visit the Tabby Help Center for more information. 


Choose to pay via Tabby on the checkout page


Split in 4 monthly payments


Complete checkout and Tabby we’ll remind you when it's time to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel or return my order?

Cancellation or refund will be according to Popsy policy. If you decide to cancel or return your order, contact the store directly. Refund will be made directly into your tabby account.

I canceled my order, why weren't the related payments canceled from my account?

On the Tabby app, if the status of the order is not changed to “Canceled”, please contact the store to resolve this issue. Once you cancel your order from the store, the order status will be changed in your account and the change will be affected by refunding the relevant payments, if any.

What is the limit available to me to spend with Tabby?

There is no set exchange limit for possible purchases with Tabby. However, approval of purchases may depend on the following:

Your previous obligation to make Tabby paymentsYour remaining balance and unpaid orders with TabbyPurchase value for your shopping cartOther factors that determine approval of your request that cannot be disclosed for privacy and security reasons.