The Best iPhone with the Most Features: What to Look for in 2023

The Best iPhone with the Most Features: What to Look for in 2023

If you're looking for an affordable way to invest in a fantastic Apple device without breaking the bank – refurbished iPhones are a great choice. In this blog post, we'll explore what features should be at the top of your list when seeking a refurbished iPhone with all the bells and whistles in 2023.

Apple features

In the smartphone industry, Apple is synonymous with sleek design, quality construction, and reliable performance. Choosing between the many iPhones available today can take time to know which is best for you. 

Every year, Apple introduces new features and improvements that make their devices even more appealing. It means that when it comes time to choose a new iPhone in 2023, there are many things to consider. 

When looking for the best iPhone with the most features in 2023, it’s essential to evaluate hardware and software specifications. 

The right combination of powerful processors, expansive storage options, advanced cameras, and other state-of-the-art components can help you make the most of your device’s potential. 


The design of any smartphone is essential for providing users with an enjoyable experience. For example, an ergonomic design or durable construction will help ensure your phone survives regular use over time.

Besides that, larger screens can provide a more immersive experience when watching videos or playing mobile games, which some users might find essential when choosing a model.

Regarding refinement and durability, some of the more recent iPhones have awe-inspiring designs that are slim yet resilient to everyday wear and tear. 

Alternative option

However, if you’re looking for something extra special when considering what iPhone with the most features to buy in 2023, look no further than Apple's 2020 XR model, which introduced edge-to-edge display technology for a truly stunning visual.

Even better news – since these phones are now two years old, you'll be able to find them on the market for much cheaper - meaning refurbished XR models could be perfect if you're on a tighter budget but still want maximum performance from your device. 


A good processor speeds up processes and helps keep your phone running smoothly so that everything from web browsing to gaming stays smooth as butter and lag-free. 

Last year, the iPhones featured potent 8th generation A14 Bionic chips, making them some of the fastest phones on the market (2021). 

Moving into 2023, however – we saw newer models, such as the 12th generation coming with A15 Bionic chipsets – offering improved performance over their predecessors due to increased efficiency thanks to their 5nm process architecture. 

Any refurbished model powered by these processors will offer breakneck computing speeds and smooth graphics rendering - ideal if you're looking for something that can power-intensive tasks like 3D modeling or video editing. 

Storage Options 

With larger storage capacities becoming increasingly commonplace, taking into account how much native storage each phone has will be essential when hunting down an iPhone with plenty of room for all your data next year. 

Even long-term iPhone customers with significant storage needs can find one of the models with more than 128GB or 256GB of space. All you have to do is go for the official model (although this will cost you a lot of money).

Thankfully, with refurbished handsets being far cheaper than new ones, investing in higher spec models like 256GB versions could mean paying significantly less than buying one at a total retail price. 

Camera Performance 

If having an incredible camera setup is a priority on your list, then choosing an iPhone will be around for a while - as each new release offers improved image quality compared to previous versions thanks, especially to advances in computational photography techniques. 

The iPhone 12 Pro, for instance – features a triple-camera array with advanced sensing technology and up to 4K video capture at 60 frames per second across all its cameras. 

If you're hoping to get your hands on this setup but need more money to buy new ones, then keep an eye out for refurbished iPhone 12 Pro models.


For iPhones, their stunning Super Retina XDR displays are unrivaled in terms of quality - with pixel resolutions that sharply display each detail, giving you greater control over how you view content. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max also introduced 'ProMotion' technology which further enhances image accuracy and clarity – even when viewing high-frame-rate content like sports or action movies. 

If you’re looking for an iPhone with all the bells and whistles in 2023, look for one with either a 6.1-inch OLED or 6.7-inch OLED display, as these are currently the best on the market. 

And if it's from Apple's previous generation of devices, then it'll likely be just as good - so selecting one of those could save you some money too. 

Battery Life

Think about battery life next time when shopping around because if you’re juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, having enough juice to power through can make a huge difference. 

Newer iPhones generally offer excellent battery life thanks to their integrated power management systems. The iPhone 12 Pro can last up to 17 hours streaming video on wifi – which is more than enough when most people keep their phones on standby mode while working or sleeping. 

Refurbished versions of these phones should still be able to give similar performance levels, too - although obviously, check before purchase as this may depend on how well each specific model has been looked after before its sale. 

Operating System

Last but not least, let’s discuss operating system software; no matter how great your device is under the hood, it won't reach its full potential if it's running outdated (or 'unsupported') software. 

Fortunately, Apple devices stay supported by their iOS updates for several years after release, depending on what model phone you go for. 

It means that any refurbished iPhones released in that timeframe should come preloaded with either iOS 14 or 15 already installed – so make sure to check this before purchase just to be safe. 


When seeking out a refurbished iPhone with all the bells and whistles in 2023 – make sure that design, processors, storage options, camera performance, display size & quality, battery life, and operating system compatibility are all at the top of your list according to what needs your device will fulfill. 

Thanks to its large selection of powerful components combined with affordable prices due to being preowned - investing in a refurbished model can be a fantastic way of getting maximum value without breaking the bank too much.

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