What battery performance can I expect when buying refurbished?

What battery performance can I expect when buying refurbished?

The minimum required for each device is to have a battery with at least 80% of its original capacity. If you purchased at Popsy and your device does not reach at least 80% of its initial charge capacity when you receive it, contact us and we will replace the battery in your device.


How to Measure Battery Degradation?

There are two ways to measure a battery degradation, there is the State of Health (SOH) percentage and cycle counts.

State of Health (SOH) percentage refers to the available battery capacity in comparison to the original battery's specifications.

Cycle counts show how many times the phone's battery has used 100% of its capacity and then is fully recharged again.

As you use your device, this affects the battery life.


When is it time to replace the battery?

Batteries with under 80% SOH and above 500 cycles are usually considered ready to be replaced. A battery with less than 80% SOH means that your phone will not last all day long, and it will probably go down faster if you do power-intensive tasks.

While there is no direct correlation between charge cycles and battery SOH (meaning x number of cycles does not degrade the SOH by x%), high cycle counts are a solid indicator of a bad battery.

Since we don’t want to sell you a phone that won’t hold enough charge to get you through the day, we require sellers to only use batteries above 80%.

My battery doesn't last long

Some apps demand more battery to run, such as games, video streaming, photo editors or social media. If you are running lots of apps at the same time, or using them frequently throughout the day, your battery will drain faster than you are expecting.

All batteries are thoroughly checked and tested by our experts, and you can check your battery life here:

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health

My device isn't charging

If your device isn't charging, be sure to check the charging cable, AC adaptor, and outlet to make sure all these accessories are working.

To do so, plug a different device into the charging cable. If it’s not charging, use a different AC adaptor or plug it into a different outlet to see if that fixes the issue.

If you're still not seeing a charge, swap out the charging cable as well.

If you've tried a different charging cable, AC adaptor, and outlet — and still can't get the device to charge, contact us for help.


The battery is warm or inflated

An inflated battery or excessive heat are indications that something is not working properly. Remove the phone from the charger if you're experiencing this problem, and make sure your device is turned off. Get in touch with us straight away so we can offer you a replacement or repair.

Remember that using a device while it is charging will only increase the heat that is produced by the charging process. It's natural for phones to warm up; the only cause for concern is if the phone becomes too hot to the touch.


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