How to fix an iPad that doesn't charge

How to fix an iPad that doesn't charge

The iPad is an innovative device used for countless activities. It can sometimes have issues, and one of the most common is an iPad that doesn’t charge. 

While this can be frustrating, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your iPad. This blog post will discuss how to diagnose the issue and provide tips for fixing it.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before you can fix the issue, you’ll want to figure out what’s causing it. Many potential causes of an iPad won’t charge, including:

  1. Faulty charger or cable

The first thing to check is the charger or cable itself. Sometimes, the cable or charger can be faulty, which can cause it not to charge the iPad. 

To determine if this is the issue, try using a different charging cable or charger with the same connector type, such as USB-C or Lightning.

  1. Debris in the port

Another common issue is debris in the charging port. It can block the connection between the charger and the iPad, preventing it from charging. To check for debris, use a flashlight to inspect the charging port. If you see any, use a toothpick to remove it.

  1. Software issue

Sometimes an iPad won’t charge because of a software issue. An incompatible app or bug in the operating system can cause this. Try restarting the iPad. It can resolve the issue.

Fixing the Problem

Once you’ve identified the cause of the problem, you can begin troubleshooting the issue. Here are some tips for fixing an iPad that won’t charge:

  1. Check the charger and cable

First and foremost, you’ll want to check the charger and cable. Ensure that the cable and charger are compatible with your iPad and that the cable is securely connected to both the iPad and the charger. If the charger and cable are faulty, you’ll need to purchase a new one.

  1. Check for obstructions in the charging port

If the cable and charger appear fine, it may be due to an obstruction in the charging port. Use a flashlight to inspect the port and a toothpick to remove debris.

  1. Reset the iPad

If the charging port is clear and the cable and charger are functioning correctly, but the iPad still won’t charge, it may be a software issue. Try resetting the iPad by pressing and holding power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears.

  1. Restore the iPad

If the iPad still doesn’t charge after resetting it, it may be necessary to restore it. To do this, connect the iPad to a computer and open iTunes. Select the “Restore iPad” option and follow the instructions.

  1. Seek professional help

If none of the above solutions work, you may need professional help. There may be an issue with the hardware of the iPad, such as a faulty battery, that requires repair or replacement.


An iPad that won’t charge can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your device. By following tips, you can diagnose the issue and take steps to fix it. If all else fails, seek professional help.

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