Should You Give Your Kid A Smartphone?

Should You Give Your Kid A Smartphone?

It's hard to deny that kids love their phones. Whether they're playing games, surfing the internet, or texting with friends, the possibilities of a smartphone seem endless. However, parents might be hesitant to purchase a phone for their child because it could lead to spending an exorbitant amount of time on the device and using it inappropriately. Find out in this article how smartphones can actually be beneficial for children!

Benefits in buying your child a smartphone

Although parents might think buying a smartphone for their children is superfluous, it can actually build independence and confidence among their friends at school. It also helps your child to:

Increase Social Interaction

Under supervision a mobile phone can help boosting the interaction between friends and family. Discuss with your child how to keep safe online and talk to strangers

Be Always Safe

A quick text or phone call lets you know how your child is doing and their whereabouts. Teenagers who are building their independence will benefit from this.

A GPS tracking app can also allow you to check your children’s location and quickly act in case of an emergency.

Enjoy Homework

There are a lot of apps available to assist studying and doing homework. You can easily reach free online message boards, lessons, infographics, and tutorial websites with the tap of a button.

Learn Responsibility

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about money, budgeting and consequences of overspending or not taking care of your possessions. A smartphone can be an excellent tool to improve responsibility.

Do kids need a smartphone?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if your child is ready for this new responsibility. For those concerned about spending too much on a new device, consider buying refurbished phones - you can get the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

Choosing the right refurbished phone

iPhones are the best option in regards of durability and safety. There are a lot of models available on the refurbished phone market.

First thing you should consider your budget. You can easily find refurbished iPhone on sale starting at $129. 

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR are some of the most sought devices for kids. Both models are cheaper and still in excellent condition. Phones are unlocked, which means it works with any data carrier.

The second thing you should decide is where to buy a refurbished phone. Choose a reputable seller that offers Grade A devices, with at least 12 months warranty and free returns. A reputable seller will ensure your device is in excellent condition, with reliable support and coverage. 

Where to buy a refurbished phone?

There are some reputable sellers on the market. Popsy, for example, has a large iPhone inventory. Price starts at $129, with free shipping, free 30 days returns and offer at least 12 months warranty.

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