Best iPhones for battery life

Best iPhones for battery life

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. What are the best models for battery life? If you're looking for an iPhone, you've come to the right place. Check this article to clear your doubts about it. 

iPhone 12 Pro Vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max

Regarding the battery life, the iPhone 12 Pro offers up to 18 hours of video playback,11 hours of video playback, or 65 hours of audio playback.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro Max provides up to 20 hours of video playback, 12 hours of streaming video playback, or 80 hours of audio playback, for the most extended battery life in an iPhone.

Both offer fast charging, which provides a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes using a 20W power adapter.

iPhone 12 Vs. iPhone 12 Mini

If you get the iPhone 12 mini, you'll need to charge it more often than on a larger device. The battery in the iPhone 12 is bigger and can provide more juice so it would last longer than the battery in the iPhone 12 mini.

The ‌iPhone 12‌ can last up to 17 hours of video playback. However, since it’s a bigger phone, it needs a bigger battery. The ‌iPhone 12 mini‌ can only offer up to 15 hours of video playback. 

Real-world battery life for both devices is likely to be shorter than Apple's estimates, as mixed usage tends to be heavier than pure video playback.

If battery life is a priority for you, the iPhone 12 mini may not be the best choice as it is the weakest point of the phone.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE offers up to 15 hours of video playback on a single charge. That's two hours longer than the previous generation iPhone SE. You can also stream videos or listen to music for up to 10 or 50 hours consecutively.

This Iphone model is 1,700 mAh less potent than the 2019 iPhone 11. It means the iPhone SE's battery life is nearly 2 hours behind the iPhone 11, which benefits from a larger 3,110 mAh but also powers a larger 6.1-inch display. The iPhone SE has a smaller 4.7-inch LCD.

IPhone 11 Vs. iPhone 11 Pro Vs. IPhone 11 Pro Max

Those are excellent models, and if you don’t need 5G, you can probably pass on the Iphone 12 series. By doing that, you will also save a lot of money too.

The best thing about the iPhone 11 Pro is how much longer it lasts on battery life, which is made possible by an internal upgrade. It's a significant improvement over the iPhone XS. Plus, they have these same features:

  • Processor;
  • Main Camera;
  • Wide-angle selfie camera;
  • Compatibility with iOS 15

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are nearly identical. However, there is a difference in the battery life which may affect your final decision when choosing a model.

What is the best out of the three?

There are three options in the iPhone line; the 11 Pro Max is the best choice. According to Apple, it will last 5 hours longer than the Iphone XS Max.

Meanwhile, the 11 Pro battery lasts 4 hours longer than the XS Max, and, at last, the Iphone 11 will last 1 hour longer than the XR.

iPhone XS Vs. Iphone XS Max

If battery life is one of the essential items when purchasing a new phone, the Iphone XS Max is a better choice over the iPhone XS. Apple's 6.5-inch flagship lasted nearly an hour longer on a charge than its smaller, 5.8-inch sibling.

The iPhone XS Max followed the smartphone industry trend of lasting an average of 10 hours and 48 minutes. However, the iPhone XS lasted for just 9:47, around an hour less than average.

iPhone XR

One of the many benefits of this model is its incredible battery life. This device lasts up to 11 hours and 26 minutes on a single charge and can sometimes last longer with lighter use; among the longest-lasting devices on the market.

The Iphone XR lasts up to 90 minutes longer than the Iphone 8 Plus. You can use the phone for 25 hours, the internet for 15 hours, watch videos for up to 16 hours, and use audio for 60 hours.

How to improve your iPhone's battery life

One of the most common complaints about the iPhone is its battery life. While it has improved significantly over the years, it still needs improvement. If you need to charge your iPhone more often than you'd like, you can do a few things to help improve its battery life.

One of the biggest drains on your iPhone's battery is the display. Dimming your screen or setting it off sooner can help conserve power. You can also disable some visual effects that use extra battery power, such as parallax and transparency.

If you're an app junkie, you may want to look closely at which apps are eating up the most battery life. Some apps, like Facebook and Instagram, are known for being major battery hogs. Consider deleting these from your phone or only using them while connected to a power source.

iOS Updates

It's also essential to ensure your iPhone runs the latest version of iOS. Apple regularly releases performance improvements and bug fixes, which can help improve your battery life. Following these tips can get a little more juice out of your iPhone's battery. 


Here at Popsy, we conduct rigorous tests to ensure we deliver to our customers devices with a battery life that will meet their needs and expectations.

Those were our top picks for the best iPhones for battery life. If you're looking for an iPhone that will give you excellent battery life, any of these options would be a good choice. 


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